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Faculty Spotlight: Strength and Conditioning for the Endurance Athlete with Marissa Feldberg

Do you know that you need to incorporate resistance training into your program but lack direction on the approach? Endurance athletes are always comfortable with the prospect of putting in the miles, whether it's on foot, on the bike, in the pool, on the obstacle course or another arena. After all, that is the original appeal of their sport. The more one’s body becomes accustomed to the miles, the better the miles feel, as the body adapts to the volume load and the thrill of completing longer and longer distances becomes palpable.

At some point, however, the importance of a strength program will become apparent, whether from a performance or injury perspective. That was certainly my experience. Like many endurance athletes, I had no formal education in weight training. As with any area of life, the value of expertise cannot be overstated.

For this reason I am excited to announce that Marissa Feldberg will be part of the faculty of the Optimal Athletic Performance and Wellness Conference taking place on January 21, 2023. Marissa has competed at the national level in drug-tested powerlifting and brings her experience and expertise to her clients as a personal trainer at her private studio in Chambersburg.

She will shed light on the biggest mistakes runners and endurance athletes make when starting a strength and conditioning program. No one wants to invest the time it takes to strength train without seeing the results, or, worse yet, risking injury.

She will give attendees the strength and conditioning strategies endurance athletes need in order to be successful in their sport. Doing so requires manipulating training variables across the competition season to hit race personal bests when it counts. Ms. Feldberg will show participants how to do just that.

I have personally trained with her and can attest to her expertise first-hand. I’m thrilled that she has agreed to share her wisdom with us this January!


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